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Why am I making a podcast about single people?

Welcome to “Day In The Life Of Happily Single”. I am your Happily Single host, Brooke Bevan. This episode is number two after the trailer. I am just going to give you a little insight into my mind, and my madness is to say. I am in my late thirties and have been single since I was 19.   I was in a two-year relationship, and it just was not for me. I made a conscious decision after that to stay single, to live my own life through my dreams, and not really worry too much about anybody else.


It is really against society norms for men and women, with different issues on either side. When you decide to stay single, people look at you like … what is wrong with you?  Why can’t you be in a relationship? Oh, you are one of those people! I know you have all heard it before, because I know I have heard it all before.
Staying Single - What is wrong with you?
 I made a conscious decision after that to stay single, to live my own life through my dreams.

Staying Single - Searching for answers

The podcast, actually, grew out of a conversation I had with my Mom. This was, oh, two or three years ago now. We sat down, and were having coffee, talking about my choice. My mom said, “you are just happy to be you and not worry about anybody else”.  I said, “yeah, I am pretty good”.  Then she tells me about how some of her friends are worried, that I am going to live a very sad and lonely life, because I decided not to get married and not to have kids. I know a lot of you can relate to that. It is a tough conversation to have and to hear, but my mom and I were talking about it. We just said that this is me. This is how I am going to be, this is the life I am going to embrace.


Fast forward probably another year. I think I was about 35 when it hit me. I have to retire by myself. I have to figure a way to actually afford to retire, have money to pay for nursing homes, and care if I need it, or if I get sick. It kind of hit me like a hammer, ‘Brooke, you are on your own, you need to figure this shit out.’  So, I did what any good millennial does, I hit the Google. I was so disappointed and seriously pissed off. Every time I tried to Google something, like how to create a budget on a single person’s income, how to plan for retirement as a single person, how to eat healthy as a single person … all this stuff and you know what the searches popped up as? Why are you still single? Take a quiz, and find out what best relationship suits you. I am like, fuck this shit! 

Staying Single - Living the dream


I spent hours and hours looking for resources, communities or anybody like me online, and there was nothing. It was so fucking stupid and I was so mad. Then, I was having a bitch session with my Mom again, another coffee thing. I was sitting there telling her about this. She looks at me, dead in the eye, I kid you not, and says, “Brooke, maybe you should make the resources for the single people out there. You have pretty much got your shit together. You are smart, and you know a lot of people. Buck up and do something about it!” I was like, “mom, really?” It was a good conversation to have, because that was a few years ago, but it took me a little bit to get the courage to do this.

I am not one for being in front of a camera, or out in the spotlight. I am very much the behind- the-scenes girl. I am a podcast assistant for a living and working all the behind-the-scenes stuff, I am really coming out of my comfort zone by jumping on and being the front-line person.

I am going to use my resources, and the knowledge I have gathered from work and start building a resource centre. A community for those who are like me, who decide they want to stay single, because why not? This is 2021 for heaven sakes! If we cannot make choices about what we want in life, really, what do we have? I know society is telling us that we are supposed to be miserable, because we do not have a partner, but really? Let’s make the best of our lives. Let’s put our best foot forward and change our mindsets a little bit. Let’s do it!

Welcome to “Day in the Life of Happily Single”, and this journey that we are going to go on together. This podcast is really, really community-based. I want to see you do a lot of interaction. I want a lot of feedback. If you want me to build a community group or anything like that, if you want a specific topic cover, or you want to talk to a specific type of coach, just tell me. I have connections everywhere, I could bring anybody on.

Bring it on. Let’s see how far we can push this. I will see you in the next episode




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